About Us

Protokolo is a brand that was born from a young fashion designer’s thesis, in the year 2000, whose dream was to create a sportswear company.

Our compromise with fashion and our dedication for our clients have always been our principal objectives which is why we characterize ourselves by our innovative designs and our production processes that are controlled in our very own textile factory.

Protokolo focuses on adult, as well as young, dynamic, modern women that are dedicated to their health, but, at the same time, are inspired by and interested in fashion.

To satisfy our client’s needs and to keep up with the ever-evolving world of fashion, Protokolo crafts 4 collections per year with which we aim to put out a variety of products, from sexy cuts, bright colors, and fun prints to discrete colors and basic cuts, so that there truly is a piece in our collection for everyone.

We stand out because of the durable quality of our products. We pick our supplies carefully and work with a variety of fabrics, most of which have smart properties like moisture management, UV protection, colour fastness, etc.

Our mission extends farther than client satisfaction, we also aim to contribute what we can to society so we work with breast cancer awareness foundations and others that support low-income children.

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